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Limited Edition Bentley Continental GT Offers About Its Pikes Peak Document Operate - Roadshow
id=\"post-system\" course=\"row\" area=\"short article-physique\"> Enlarge ImageLoving this eco-friendly color.nnBentley This yr, Bentley secured a milestone as it celebrates its one centesimal anniversary as a prepped Continental GT tackled the famed Pikes Peak hill climb. There, the British coupe set the new document for the fastest generation motor vehicle to operate the hill climb with a ten:eighteen.488 clocked time -- eight.four seconds more rapidly than the former file.nnNaturally, the marque wishes to rejoice the accomplishment. On Tuesday, Bentley uncovered this confined edition Continental GT that sports the similar exterior colour as the the automobile that broke the record at Pikes Peak, a hue the company phone calls \"Radium.\" You can find also a bunch of carbon fiber for great evaluate, much too, which makes up the body kit. Gloss black accents uncover their way to reduced section of the front bumper, the roof and the mirrors.nnKeeping with the radical environmentally friendly shade, Bentley concluded the brake calipers in a related color termed Acid Inexperienced and the Pirelli P Zero tires boast lettering performed in the exact same Radium hue as the exterior. A Pikes Peak decal sits at the entrance of the bumper as well, just to remind people that this Continental GT honors a distinctive minute for Bentley. There is certainly also an optional \"100\" grille if you feel like further more toasting Bentley`s centennial.
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